Amazon TV streaming service is inching closer to the US launch

The Amazon TV service in the US is now available in select markets and, according to the Wall Street Review, is expected to be available in more markets soon.

The Wall Street Reviews’ source said the service, which has not yet been officially announced, is “coming soon”.

The service will be available on the Amazon Video platform as well as Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

Amazon TV was recently launched in the UK.

Amazon Prime Video, which allows subscribers to watch Prime Video content, has been available in the United States since April.

It is also available in Canada and Mexico.

Other major streaming services are expected to launch in the coming weeks, such as HBO Now, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Music and Amazon’s own Prime Video.

The launch of the Amazon TV app is expected later this month.

Amazon’s stock fell by 5.3% on Monday to $62.89 in premarket trading, and has been trading below $60 since the start of the year.