How to stream Canadian TV shows on the web with Optimum TV

Netflix Canada announced it will stream its original Canadian programming in the United States starting next month.

The company has been working with the streaming giant to bring a number of its original series to the US, including two dramas, one comedy and a limited series.

The Netflix Canada app will allow Canadians to stream their favorite shows on demand, along with a selection of the company’s original movies and TV series.

The app also lets Canadians watch streaming videos from the company and stream content from Netflix Canada.

Netflix Canada has a number popular series such as Orange is the New Black, Sense8, Daredevil and The Ranch.

In order to use Netflix in the US and Canada, users need to sign up for a free Netflix account and subscribe to the Netflix Canada TV streaming service.

Netflix Canada said that its service is compatible with devices running iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Netflix will be offering a free trial of the service starting today for those that want to test it out.

The service also has a few Canadian shows coming to the Canadian TV streaming platform next month including two drama series, one anthology series and a miniseries.

The second half of Netflix Canada’s lineup is also slated to be announced next month, but the company has not yet announced a date.