What to watch for in the Netflix and Hulu bundles

The major streaming bundles announced on Wednesday include: The $40+ season pass for “Stranger Things,” a Netflix original series that stars Winona Ryder, Kevin Spacey, and Millie Bobby Brown.

The pass costs $39.99 a month. 

The “Strangers” season pass starts at $49.99 and includes a digital copy of “Strider Things” and an exclusive behind-the-scenes photo book.

It also includes a “Strangest of Strangers” shirt.

The $50 season pass includes an exclusive poster featuring the cast of “Charmed” and a photo book that includes a behind-closed-doors behind-scenes look at the filming of the show. 

For $25 more, you can also get the season pass that includes an original “Strangelove” poster and a digital download of “Mockingjay Part 1.” 

The season pass goes for $30 more, with the poster and the digital download. 

You can also upgrade to the season ticket package for $55.99, with an exclusive photo book and poster. 

Season pass packages include an exclusive video game poster and an interactive behind-camera look at “Strange Places.” 

Hulu’s $40 season pass will include an interactive “Strangler” poster, the seasonpass poster, and an “Hulu Studios” video book.

The “Stranglehold” pass includes the season and pass posters plus an interactive photo book, as well as a DVD, DVD-R, and Blu-ray of the “Stranglinghold” series. 

Hollywood studios, including Disney and Paramount, will also be offering streaming bundles for “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” a $40 premium pass for the animated series that premiered last year. 

A $30 premium pass with a DVD-ROM copy of the series will also include an official behind-color featurette, “Mole Man, The Monster of the Week.” 

“The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” will cost $45, and the season passes will cost a whopping $100. 

“Mighty Mo” will start at $60 for the season, and a $75 premium pass will cost you $70. 

Both of those prices include a “MooMoo” shirt, a $15 Amazon Prime subscription, and all the perks of Amazon Prime. 

All of the bundles are available on Hulu and Netflix, and Hulu’s $30 pass is available to Prime subscribers in the U.S. and Canada, while Netflix’s $35 pass is only available in Canada.

The first three episodes of the Netflix series “Buddy the Clown” will debut on Friday, February 11, 2019.