When you need to watch a TV show on your smartphone, it’s not an option

TV, radio and cable companies will soon offer the ability to stream TV shows from their networks directly to mobile devices, and that’s just the beginning.

But they may not be ready to bring the service to everyone.CBS News is not the only outlet that has reported on how the streaming-TV industry may be looking to take a page from Google TV’s playbook and offer apps that can connect directly to smartphones.

The WSJ is reporting that Apple, Google and Amazon are planning to launch a streaming-media app called “Sling TV” in 2017.

The WSJ says the app will have “the same basic functionality” as the Apple TV and Google’s YouTube TV apps, but will have a “lower price tag.”

It’s unclear if the app’s release will coincide with the launch of Apple TV or Google TV.

Sling is expected to launch in the fall, and Apple has already announced it’s looking to bring Sling TV to the Apple Watch, a rumored “next-generation” Apple TV.