The new Amazon streaming TV app will allow you to stream live TV content on your TV screen

Posted July 09, 2018 12:31:19This is a good thing.

It means we have the option of watching a wide range of live TV programming that’s available via streaming apps.

It also means that we can access live TV channels on a laptop or desktop without having to use an app like Netflix.

I haven’t tested this out yet, but it’s definitely something that’s possible to do with Amazon’s new Instant Video app.

It’s designed to stream video from Amazon’s streaming service to a TV screen.

We already have access to the TV’s home screen on Windows PCs and Macs, so it makes sense that Amazon could make a TV app that allows us to view our local and live TV shows and movies without having any software installed on our TV.

Amazon is using a combination of hardware and software to stream TV shows to TV screens, but there are some major differences between the two.

The hardware is fairly similar.

Amazon has a standard-definition TV that sits in the center of your living room.

It can display movies and TV shows with a variety of screen resolutions, as well as show and pause, skip, fast forward, rewind, and reverse.

A single HDMI cable connects to the device.

The software is pretty much identical.

The only difference is that Amazon’s version of Instant Video streams its TV content via a web browser.

The Amazon app doesn’t have the ability to show or pause, and it can’t do fast-forward and rewind.

(The Netflix app supports those features, but you won’t find it in the Amazon Instant Video catalog.)

You’ll be able to choose to view the same TV shows in different rooms or view them on multiple screens.

(This is called “multiple screen” streaming.)

Amazon also has a new feature called “Satellite TV.”

It’s similar to the Netflix feature, except that you can watch TV shows from around the world on your laptop or PC.

This feature will be available in the future for Amazon Prime members.

If you’ve ever used Netflix to watch TV in the past, you probably know how frustrating it can be to keep trying to watch the same show over and over.

Amazon says the new Instant video app will let you skip to the previous episode of a program on your favorite TV show, and you’ll get to skip back to the beginning.

You’ll also be able skip to a previous episode if you click on a time stamp on the TV.

It’ll then show you the show’s entire season or season-to-date history.

The new Instant TV app is also designed to be very easy to use.

It should work with any of the streaming devices on your home screen, and Amazon’s app is built to work with the Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

It has a built-in Web browser and will run on iOS and Android devices.

You can watch shows in a variety-of-room mode or on a TV in a specific room.

(If you’re on a desktop computer, you’ll need to set up an external display.)

There are some differences between Instant TV and Amazon Instant video, too.

Instant TV streams shows from a single video feed that can be played from multiple sources on the same screen.

Amazon Instant TV lets you watch live TV in multiple rooms.

Both are capable of streaming content, but Amazon Instant has the ability “to pause, fast-track, and rewatch” shows.

This lets you rewind to a specific time or to an earlier point.

You can also pause, rewatch, and skip to specific shows.

You won’t be able do all of the features in one app.

(Instant TV also includes “on-demand” and “live” video, which is what Amazon calls a “series.”)

Amazon Instant Video has a separate Web browser for live TV.

Amazon is trying to make the app as easy to learn as possible.

The company says it has already had a “strong response” to the new app.

“We’ve seen incredible interest from consumers and businesses who have asked for this option,” Amazon says.

“They are eager to discover new and compelling content and services that are free, easy to access, and live.”

I hope Amazon can keep this up.

It could be a good way to stream your favorite shows and movie clips from your TV and get a few hours of free TV on a whim.