When you’re watching the new Apple TV, watch what you want to watch, the TV says

The Apple TV is a bit like an iPad mini in many ways, but it has many of the same features.

First, it can play any video file, including Apple’s original Apple TV app.

That’s why you’ll find it a big hit with people who want to stream movies and TV shows on their Apple TV.

But there’s a lot more to it than that.

Here are five things to know about the Apple TV that you might not know.


Its Video and Audio Support for a New and Improved AppStreamer is a free app for streaming audio and video files from Apple’s Apple TV service, Apple TV apps and apps on other devices, and third-party streaming apps.

You can also use it to browse for content on your Mac, PC, Android and Windows devices.

You’ll also find it available on the App Store.

And Apple TV’s built-in iTunes Match feature lets you search for and download music and video from streaming services like Pandora and Spotify.

And you can play movies, television shows, music, videos and more on the Apple Watch, even when it’s off.


A New Home Screen and New Music Player, tooNew Apple TV models come with an upgraded version of the Apple Music app, including new support for more artists, more songs, and new music streaming.

You also get a redesigned Music Center that lets you stream your library of music.

The app also has a new music player and a redesigned photo viewer.

You will need to download the new app for that to take effect.


A Big New Screen for Video, tooOn the new model, you’ll see a bigger screen than the one on the original Apple TVs.

It’s big enough to see more content, such as a video.

It also shows you music and movies you’ve streamed from your Apple TV over the years, so you can still listen to them without having to switch back and forth between the two.


More Apple TV Apps You can use the AppleTV app to watch the newest movies and television shows.

There’s also a new Apple Music video player and an updated photo viewer to make it easier to find and enjoy music.


More Apps For The Apple Watch You can now use the new Watch app to control the Apple’s iPhone and iPad apps, and access Apple TV from any other device.

The Watch also has more video apps, such a new TV app called TV-OS.

It has the ability to pause video and skip tracks.

The AppleTV also has the new music app, Apple Music, and Apple TV movies.


More Content The Apple is also getting a whole lot more content for streaming.

The company is offering more movies, TV shows, and music from Apple TV and other Apple TV services, as well as third-parties like Spotify and YouTube.


New Apple Music Player The new AppleMusic app allows you to stream Apple TV music from a variety of music apps on your computer, phone or tablet.


New Photo Viewer The new Photo Viewner lets you watch your favorite photos from Apple TVs, including your photos and video collection.


New Home Assistant The Apple Home Assistant app lets you control the smart home features on your AppleTV.

The Home Assistant features include: • Control your TV, TV remote, Apple Lock, and Siri • View your home movies • Control music and movie playback with Apple Music and other apps • Play, pause, skip, or fast forward on music, video and other content • Ask Siri to take over your home entertainment system, including remote controls and other smart home devices like lights, thermostats, locks, and lights and dimmers • Manage and control multiple home devices, including speakers, lights, security systems, locks and more with Apple TV Remote, Apple HomeKit, Apple Remote Play, Apple Pay, and the Apple App Store and other third- party services like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


New Music Streamer You can watch a video or music file from the Apple television on any Apple TV device.

You just have to download a new app from the App store to access it.

You won’t find any other Apple streaming apps on the web.


More Movies Apple has made more movies available on Apple TV now than ever before.

You’ve got Netflix, Amazon, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, Showtime, and AMC.

You don’t need to have a subscription to see movies in HD.

You could also get them on a new iPad or Apple TV if you want them, and on other streaming devices like Roku, Chromecast, and Google Chromecast.

You might also want to check out Netflix’s app for a wide selection of movies and shows.


More Music Streaming Apps Apple is adding more streaming music apps, too.

Netflix has added its own streaming app for Apple TV to let you listen to and