German TV Streaming: Germany TV streams court tv for German court

The German TV station BILD reports that Germany’s Federal Television Commission (BDT) has started streaming court tv in German, allowing the public to watch the court proceedings.

The German public is not allowed to watch in public.

In addition, the BDT also streams all of the German-language channels in English for those who can’t get access to them in the UK.

The BDT is also broadcasting court tv through its own feed.

In a statement, the Federal Television Agency (BDI) said: “Due to the very high number of users of internet-based services, we have decided to expand our service in the German language by introducing a German service to stream court tv.

The BDI will continue to monitor the situation closely.”

This is the first time German TV has streamed a court session.

The public will not be able to watch all of this on the BDI’s website.

The broadcaster is also offering access to its own streaming service via an app, but its availability is currently limited to German-speaking users.