Why it’s a good idea to put the GOP back in charge

A lot of people who are interested in seeing the GOP put its name on the 2018 ballot have been waiting to see if the party can regain control of the House of Representatives.

The GOP has been in a state of flux, with both chambers controlled by the Democratic Party.

In 2017, Republicans won the majority in both chambers and then gained a narrow Senate majority in 2018.

Now, the GOP controls both chambers of Congress and has the potential to govern in the next Congress.

But it has a lot of work to do before 2018 is over.

Here’s why it’s important to put our party back in power in 2019.


Trump can’t be impeached and he doesn’t have the power to do so.

A lot has changed in a few months since Donald Trump took office, but the president can’t impeach or remove the president.

Instead, Congress will have to find a way to remove the President from office.

If that’s not possible, the House can pass a resolution that declares that Congress has “unanimously declared” the President to be unfit to serve.

The House could then vote to remove Trump from office by a simple majority.

If the Senate does not take up that resolution, it would have to be put on the ballot by the states.

The Senate could also pass a new resolution, but that resolution would have a much higher threshold of 60 votes than the House resolution, which is currently under 50.

So, it’s possible the Senate could pass a motion to suspend the President for the duration of the 2020 election.

But the Senate can’t actually impeach Trump.

The Constitution only requires that the Senate be able to decide the president’s fate.

If a president is impeached for an offense committed while he is in office, that impeachment must be approved by a two-thirds majority in the House and two-fifths majority in each chamber of Congress.

Congress can’t suspend a president without the approval of two-three-fifth of the states and a two out of every three senators.

If Republicans retake control of both chambers, Trump would have the authority to remove him from office, and that would be a clear violation of the Constitution.


The party can win the House, but there are still a lot more problems facing it.

Republicans are currently in a tough position.

If they control both chambers but fail to secure the presidency, there’s no way the party will win back control of Congress in 2019, since Trump would be president by then.

The Republicans currently hold the majority of seats in both houses.

The only way they can be able, given the current political environment, to gain control of either chamber is if they win at least 60 of the 50 seats in the house.

If neither chamber takes back the House in 2020, then the party would have no control over the next two years and they would have little to show for it.

In order to gain a majority in either chamber, they would need to win a lot fewer seats than the number they currently hold.

Democrats currently control only 34 seats in Congress.

If Democrats hold all of the seats that are currently held by Republicans, they’d have to win only 14 of the 54 seats that they currently control.

And, if Democrats don’t win the seats, then Republicans would be in a strong position to win the presidency in 2020.

That would leave the party with just 32 seats to try to regain control, and the GOP has a significant advantage in the states, where they hold 51 of the 51 seats.

If Trump were to be impeachable, it could be very difficult for Republicans to regain power in Congress and win back the presidency.

That’s because, in most states, a conviction for the impeachable offense is only considered a felony, meaning a conviction would be unlikely to trigger impeachment proceedings.

But, for some states, conviction for an impeachable crime would be grounds for a conviction being transferred to the Senate for trial, which would allow the Senate to remove a sitting president.

It would take a lot for the GOP to win back Congress and get back to the White House.

There’s a lot that needs to happen before 2018 ends and Republicans can get back in control of government, but if they don’t do any of that, they’re going to have a tough time regaining power.


A midterm election in 2020 could be really bad for the Republican Party.

Democrats control all of 50 seats, which means they have a good shot at winning back the majority.

They could also win enough seats to take back control, since the 2018 elections were relatively close.

But if Democrats win a majority of the popular vote and elect Democrats to the House (a prospect that seems extremely unlikely), that could be the tipping point that puts the party back into power in 2020 for the first time in decades.

This could lead to the emergence of an opposition party that would challenge Republicans in the 2020 elections.

This would be bad news for Republicans because, unlike the 2020 midterm elections,