Which is the most beautiful state in India? – Magyar TV

A reader has posted a picture of the state of Gujarat that is, arguably, one of the most gorgeous in the world.

A photo of this picture was shared by a Twitter user, @pattakandak, who said, “The picture shows the state Gujarat in the year 2020.

Gujarat is the world’s richest state.

The state of Delhi is also beautiful.”

He said this picture of Gujarat was shared from an article on the website of the country’s state television channel, CNN-IBN.CNN-IBI tweeted out the picture on Friday, reporting, “India’s newest state is named after the Hindu goddess Lakshmi and she is the goddess of fertility and life.

The name is said to be inspired by the fact that it has a small town called Chitrakoot and has a lot of lakes.”

The tweet was retweeted by many people, including @brahmajnath and @shamiwala.