How to stream TV online in the Philippines

A Filipino man in his early twenties has created an online streaming service called TVSale, in which he sells his own local TV shows and films to viewers in the country.

He sells the service on the Internet through a website called

The site is the brainchild of 22-year-old Filipino-American and US citizen Raul Valdez.

The company is also an international platform for people in the Pacific to buy local TV programs.TVSale is owned by Raul’s father, Raul “Dino” Valdez, and his brother, Rui Valdez V.P.A. (pronounced “Doo-VAH”), which was launched in January, has more than 10 million members in the Republic of the Philippines, according to its website.

Valdez said the TVSales website allows people to find shows they like, which he then sells online for a profit.

It’s also an easy way to share your local TV show with friends, family and others.

Valdes also has a podcast he runs called The Dao, which can be downloaded from the website., which has been in operation for nearly three years, allows viewers to purchase and stream the TV shows in their local area.

A typical season would include 30 episodes of a given show.

“It’s like Netflix for TV shows,” Valdez said.

In addition to the show listings, also sells episodes of popular Filipino TV shows.

Vendors who sell their own local shows on are not limited to Filipino-Americans.

Other Filipinos who have made the leap to streaming TV in the United States include US citizen Kelli Pascual, and US-born Filipino-Canadian actress Jessica Pascu.

Valesco also has an online portal for Filipino-based Filipino-US TV shows called TVBabylon.TVsales, which Valdez launched in 2015, is a free service that lets viewers search for shows and movies they want to buy.

While many Filipinos are streaming local TV, there are others who are streaming online, including US-based Filipinos, Filipinos living in the US, and Filipinos abroad.

But is not limited just to TV shows; it also sells movies, movies and TV shows from the Philippines and other countries.