Verizon and Yahoo TV will stream evolution TV

Verizon’s evolution streaming service, which debuted in 2016, has become a popular choice for cable customers as well as the streaming services of major online services.

Now, the company has a partner in Yahoo that will stream the Fox Sports primetime series Alibi on Yahoo TV.

The two companies announced the partnership in a post on Yahoo’s blog Wednesday.

The new partnership comes at a time when cable subscribers are struggling to keep up with cable services’ streaming offerings.

The streaming industry’s viewership has shrunk since last year as the advent of streaming services has driven more people to subscribe to traditional TV.

The partnership is part of the Verizon deal with Yahoo to offer Hulu, which will offer original programming from the studio behind The OA, among other shows.

It also includes a deal with Netflix for a variety of original content, including House of Cards, Daredevil and a slate of shows from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

The announcement comes on the heels of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s departure as CEO and comes just two months after the Internet company announced its $5 billion investment in Yahoo parent Verizon Communications.

The investment comes after Mayer took the helm at the end of 2016, following the resignation of Yahoo chief financial officer Brad Feld.